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May 19, 2011

NATO, EU and Lost Causes

There’s a bunch of nervous nellies on both sides of the Atlantic. Concerned with NATO‘s dismal performance in Libya, Mr Kashmeri, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council offers this:

“After speaking with over fifty military and government leaders from Europe and the United States, I believe the answer to NATO’s woes is to bridge the alliance with the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy, and shift the responsibility for the defence of Europe and its periphery to the European Union. In a forthcoming report for the United States Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, I recommend that the President of the United States initiate a meeting with the leadership of the European Union and Canada to execute this change over a period of three to five years.”

Just shift responsibility? Now you just have to get the leaders and people of the 28 NATO nations to go along with raising more taxes, overcome their seemingly inbred inhibitions to force, and agree on the five ‘W’s for strategy, operations and tactics. Good luck.

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