What About Gadhafi?

With NATO authorized to go toe-to-toe for another 60 days with a fourth rate military power, one wonders when Europe’s Brahmins will finally go for the jugular and get Gadhafi, and thus, end the conflict and suffering. As might be expected of a population who’s every imperative of manhood was provided by others, such a direct and tasteless approach is better suited to pre-Obama America and the ‘cowboy mentality’. But to be fair, the grand pooh-bahs of the E.U., in their circuitous, unintentionally intentional way, are trying to cheese the Libyan despot without really seeming to do so. Circumlocution as policy. 

Now that Obama got Osama and established his warrior bona fides with the presidential public relations network (formerly known as the media), what about Gadhafi? The rationale for killing bin Laden was that he masterminded the deaths of over 3,000 Americans. Over 189 perished in the terrorist attack on Pan Am flight 103 in 1988. Before that, 2 American soldiers were killed in the La Belle disco bombing in 1986 in Berlin. Both attacks, and many others, were ordered by Gadhafi. One wonders, how many butchered Americans does it take for us to send out a SEAL team?

Once upon a time, Americans abroad knew that the power of the United States went with them, serving as a deterrent to those who would do us harm. Somewhere in the progressives’ march through our institutions and with that, the tyranny of political correctness, we’ve forgotten some of the blessings and responsibilities of greatness. No one in the administration seems to recall, or care, that Gadhafi successfully targeted Americans and suffered no consequences.

Killing him is a reckoning that’s long overdue. Perhaps a new approach is necessary, one that strikes a chord in the progressive psyche. Since good, old fashioned retribution won’t prompt action from our metrosexual president, the trick is to convince Obama’s key fembot advisors that Gadhafi is an unrepentant sexist pig, and take him out. After all, Jarrett, Power and Hillary are more man than Obama, and the drones and intel are already on the scene. They just need to pull the trigger.

The male chauvinist bastard has it coming.


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