New Joint Chief: Congrats to Gen. Dempsey

I’ve been critical of Gen. Dempsey for his devotion to doctrine, which I believe a poor approach to the complexities of non-linear dynamics and future uncertainty. However, good luck to a patriot and good man.

His elevation to chairman of the Joint Chiefs, just a few months after being named Army chief of staff, came as a surprise to many. Some speculated it was the Army’s turn, the last soldier who held the post being Gen. Hugh Shelton back in 2001. The frontrunner for chairman, Marine Gen. James Cartwright, was derailed because of allegations of sexual misconduct, despite being cleared by the Pentagon inspector general.

Call me a cynic, but Dan Goure, a military analyst, misses the point of Dempsey’s nomination:

“He has both field experience and experience in defining strategy and doctrine for the military,” Goure said. “He is an extraordinarily well respected Army leader, and in particular this puts the Army now in critical positions for continuing the war on terror, with David Petraeus at CIA and Marty Dempsey now as chairman.”

Well respected Dempsey may be, but the most prized asset of an organizational man is loyalty. Obama didn’t get elected to fight the war on terror, but to reshape the domestic landscape into a socialist paradise of well meaning collectivists, dependent upon government largess for the most basic needs. That requires a massive redistribution from defense spending to entitlement programs. And as chairman, Dempsey, and SecDef Leon Panetta will be Obama’s front men as the president takes down U.S. military capabilities.


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