A Note to all China Sniffers

There’s more to becoming a superpower than the media saying so. Yes, that means you Tom Friedman, and the university dons and foreign policy hacks who’ve already conceded both economic and arms races to the Chi Coms.

Chinese Gen. Chen Bingde, in what must be a rare example of candor for one so senior in the Chinese hierarchy, noted at the National Defense University that there is a “gaping gap” (ignore the tautology, please) of about 20 years between U.S. and Chinese capabilities. And as I stated in my post, China‘s Hubris, building a global power projection capability is much more than just economics and hardware.

All that is not to say we shouldn’t take Chinese ambition seriously and plan accordingly. We should. But we must resist the urge to build 10 feet tall enemies for short term political agendas. Also, foreign policy and defense are too important to be left to media buffoons and abstract writers.


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